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Journal Entry: Sun Sep 13, 2015, 5:41 AM
Dreams can be strange, scary and pleasant at the same time
Snake Dream by APetruk

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Journal Entry: Wed Aug 5, 2015, 10:16 PM

It's so nice to swim in the sea. And my sadness is that although I live in the city by the sea, I can't swim in it's waters, because we pollute those waters too much. Rare species go extinct. And when standing by the sea at night, one can hear little mermaids cry, their homes are being filled with spilled petrol and human poops. If only I had a wishmaster at hand, I would ask him to clean those waters for us and... perhaps, erase my city from the seaside. I know, I know, it's not a solution, it's just another destruction. I don't cry for this planet, because she'll be fine for a long long period of time (untill some planetoid hits her on the face), I cry for myself, pitiful that I can't swim in the ocean that I see now

Underwater journey by APetruk

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Night walk

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 3, 2015, 5:25 AM

He went through the forest, not knowing what or who called him out of his warm house in the middle of the moonless rainy night. He just felt this urgent need to go

Night walk in the forest by APetruk

He went through invisible dangers of the wood and the voice in his head kept howling some strange beautiful song

Short forest by APetruk

"Come here, my friend, I'll show you the hidden treasures of the night. Come here, and you will no longer be afraid of the darkness."

By the lake by APetruk

The river showed him the way

By the river by APetruk

And he finally saw some ghostly light ahead. There was a glimpse of thought in his head that, may be, it was all a dream.

Light ahead by APetruk

But it was not. Oh, if only it was

Meeting the wolf by APetruk

"Good night, my friend!" - said a howling voice, - "When you wake up you will never be afraid of darkness any more."

Wolfy the friend by APetruk

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To the balls

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 3, 2015, 4:42 AM
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Oh, round pink creatures, all stuffed with blood and soft organs, how easy it is for you to loose your lives on the road that is not straight enoughUnsteady ways of little round balls by APetruk

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Just a thought

Sat Jul 4, 2015, 5:49 AM

I guess we are all locked up in our heads not knowing how to open the door - neither to let ourselves out nor to check who's there knocking

Happy Holidays to all of you guys! Lots of love and happiness to you. Let some of your wishes come true, not all of them (cause it can be harmful for the ecology), but many of them and let this coming New Year be lucky and full of success, friendship and pleasant discoveries!
I'm tired of people asking me if they can use my art for free in their own commercial purposes and telling me that in exchange I will get PROMOTION! If you want to write me this kind of bullshit again please check out this great web comic (I don't know who's the author, would be glad if anyone tells me)…

Please learn to pay for the great job all illustrators do, and if you don't have money to pay for a real cool art, you can register on any microstock and get not that cool and exclusive but still but very good image that won't cost you much there.
Hi everybody! Thank you, guys, for all your interest and comments and sorry that I can't answer them all in time, but I read them all and I am very happy to get such a feedback from all of you. Thank you so much!
Human is a Device and his heart is a pump,
And he's got a cabinet of thoughts in his head,
And his body is boiling with energy,
And it's good to be a creature like this after all.

Человек - механизм, сердце - насос,
В голове - мыслей картотека,
Есть еще электричество в теле его,
И вообще хорошо быть человеком!
The good lantern served me well, but I sold it for another useful thing, now the night is just a sleep time for me.